Thugs jailed for 45 years after robbing three pubs at knifepoint

Thugs jailed for a total of 45 years after robbing three pubs at knifepoint and punching a manager as she counted the day’s takings

  • The thugs went on a knife-wielding rampage in Nottinghamshire pubs last year
  • Liam Campbell, Steven Ward and Nathaniel Smith targeted three in just a month
  • Group were arrested and jailed after their final East Midlands heist on August 29 

Harrowing footage shows three masked thugs ransack a pub while holding terrified staff at knifepoint.

Liam Campbell, 27, Steven Ward, 33, and Nathaniel Smith, 31, can be seen dragging an employee along the floor and holding a blade to another’s throat.

The gang, who targeted three pubs across Nottinghamshire within a month last year, have since been jailed for a total of 45 years.

They were caught red-handed fleeing the scene of their final heist.

Campbell, Ward and Smith stormed through the fire escape of Brewhouse & Kitchen in Trent Brigde at about 12am on July 24.

After forcing two employees to lie on the floor, they threatened them with a knife and demanded they open the safe. They escaped with about £10,000.

CCTV from Ferry Boat Inn in Stoke Bardolph, Nottinghamshire, standing over an employee with an enormous knife

The knife-wielding thug demands that the safe be opened in the harrowing footage

Liam Campbell, Steven Ward and Nathaniel Smith (left to right) have since been jailed for a total of 45 years

Days later the group struck again, climbing up the fire escape of Nottingham Knight pub in West Bridgford and slipping in through a first floor window on August 9.

They made their way to the office and slapped a wet cloth over the manager’s face as she counted the daily takings, holding scissors to her throat.

Two of the thugs repeatedly punched her in the face and assaulted another employee before fleeing with the takings from the till.

But after their final robbery at Ferry Boat Inn in Stoke Bardolph on August 29, they were finally caught.

The two employees are dragged around by their shirts and forced onto the ground in the terrifying heist

One of the thugs (centre) holds a blade to the throat of an employee. The other staff member is on his knees next to another robber holding an enormous knife (right)

A police dog tracked the group down hiding in some bushes nearby and they were all arrested.

Smith admitted three counts of robbery and was jailed for 15 years at Nottingham Crown Court.

Ward and Campbell were jailed for 15 years each after a trial. 

The employee is forced onto the floor as the robbers demand he open the safe

One robber (right) crouches over an employee holding a knife in the shocking CCTV footage

Detective Constable Steve Fenyn, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: ‘I’m very pleased that justice has been served for all three robberies.

‘No one should have to go to work and be subjected to such violent and terrifying ordeals.

‘All of the victims have shown great patience and understanding throughout the trial and I’m glad the jury delivered the verdict they deserve.

‘Thanks to a combination of great police work, DNA samples, detailed witness accounts and other various evidence that was gathered, three violent criminals are now off the streets of Nottinghamshire.’

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