"Thief" beaten, stripped and forced to walk naked through busy shopping area

A man accused of stealing was beaten, stripped naked and filmed as he was forced to walk through a busy shopping area.

The man, who has not been identified, was filmed wearing nothing but fluorescent pieces of paper with the words ‘I am a thief’ as he walked down a street in Mexico on Tuesday.

Other signs on his bruised body warned other potential thieves that the same would happen to them.

A video taken by a passerby shows the man, whose hands are tied, walking slowly along a main road in the Oregon shopping area in Guadalajara, central Mexico.

The man was later detained by police but reportedly refused to reveal who the culprits were.

It is the second time this month that an alleged thief has been beaten and forced to walk naked through the same popular shopping area in one of the country’s largest cities.

Mexico is facing a wave of vigilante justice as citizens, tired of the perceived reluctance of the police to punish petty criminals, are increasingly taking justice into their own hands.

Earlier this month a man was doused in petrol and burned alive in a town square in San Juan Chamula, in the south of the country, after claims he had stolen a motorbike.

And last month an alleged rapist, 20-year-old Jacinto Neto, was removed from a police cell by a mob of more than 50 people and thrown into a cage full of crocodiles in San Francisco Ixhuatan, southern Mexico.

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