These 13 photos of a snowy evening in New York City are scenes that belong in a perfectly cheesy holiday movie

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  • Winter storm Gail dropped 10 inches of powdery snow on New York City Wednesday.
  • The powder turned the city into a winter wonderland and brought residents into the streets to enjoy it.
  • These photos show how New Yorkers took advantage of the romantic evening. 
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Winter storm Gail blanketed Manhattan with 10 inches of powdery snow on Wednesday night, turning the city into a glistening winter wonderland.

The snowfall, which dropped just in time for the holiday season, brought residents into the streets to play.

It was a welcome joy during a pandemic that has changed how many will be celebrating the season.

Here are 13 photos of New York City's first snow if the season that are like scenes out of a cheesy holiday movie. 

You're never too old to catch snowflakes on your tongue

We could all use some childlike fun these days

There were some signs that it's still a pandemic out there

But people didn't let that stop them from playing in the streets

It was chilly, but certainly not cold enough to keep Naked Cowboy inside

And obviously Fearless Girl can tough it out

Most people opted to bundle up, though

By Thursday morning, 10 inches of snow blanketed Central Park

Look at that holiday glam

Gail arrived just in time for the final nights of Hanukkah

City snow can be wet, sloppy and miserable, but let's just romanticize it for a little bit longer

This would be the last scene in the movie, when the city slicker and her true love finally overcome their insignificant differences

Now it's time to shovel out

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