The Reluctant Golfer, Episode 7

The Reluctant Golfer travelled to Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club in Kelowna this week for a twilight tee-off with recent B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Regan Bartel.

Travis Lowe tried out his golf announcing skills, but was quickly reprimanded by Bartel in the tee box.

“Don’t talk when I’m addressing the ball,” said Bartel, the longtime voice of the Kelowna Rockets.

“How were you as a hockey player?” Lowe asked.

“I was a goalie. Very little ability and very little athleticism,” Bartel responded.

Insisting that all bad goaltenders become hockey announcers, Bartel says his path was clear in life early.

This year will mark 20 years for Bartel as the Rockets’ play-by-play announcer.

Recently, Bartel was inducted into the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame.

“To be recognized by the hockey community was real special,” Bartel said.

Like every hockey fan in the Central Okanagan, Bartel is extremely excited about the Kelowna Rockets hosting the 2020 Memorial Cup.

“Kelowna is just going to come alive,” Bartel predicted. “They’re going to fall in love with the hockey team again, just like they did in 2004.”


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