Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra reveal their parenting hacks for teaching their daughters 'how to be loved'

TEEN Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have revealed their parenting hacks for tantrums, tears, and VERY whiney toddlers.

The couple has been together for more than 15 years and are currently expecting their fourth daughter together, after placing the first one up for adoption.

Putting their kids first

One of the most selfless acts that Cate and Tyler showed as parents was giving up their oldest daughter, Carly, for adoption after having her at the tender age of 16.

At the time, Tyler and Cate realized that they could not offer their daughter the best life possible as they were still kids in high school and had unstable relationships with their own families.

The two made the tough decision to give Carly up to another couple as soon as she was born.

Despite giving her up, they still wanted to fill that void and be present in her life as they opted for an open adoption, which gave them the opportunity to visit Carly.

To this day, Tyler and Cate seek out their first daughter and even hope to be able to show them the episodes where she was born.

Open communication between siblings

Despite only raising three of their four daughters, Catelynn and Tyler have opted to be open about Carly to their youngest daughters.

Two years after giving up Carly, they welcomed daughter Novalee and after that, they had Vaeda. They are currently expecting their fourth daughter.

Novalee is most conscious that she has an older sister that doesn't live with them and they've told her the reason why they couldn't keep her at the time.

It's also possible that Carly has also met her younger siblings.

Seeking help about mental health

After having their second daughter, Novalee, Catelynn developed postpartum depression, which only got worse after she suffered a miscarriage.

Despite Novalee being really young at the time, Catelynn opted to enter rehab several times in order to better her mental health.

She decided to seek out therapy after revealed she had suicidal ideations.

The mom of two was in and out of rehab for years and even supported her own husband in seeking help when he was unhappy in their relationship.

Both Tyler and Cate make the conscious effort to be in a better headspace for their daughters.

Working on their relationship as a couple to be better parents

Before having their second daughter and getting married, Tyler and Catelynn appeared in a season of Couples Therapy as they sought to better their relationship.

Through therapy, Tyler realized he was not ready to tie the knot at just 20 years old and they continued to work on their relationship before actually taking the next step.

Additionally, while Catelynn was pregnant with their third child, they briefly separated after they realized they had no identities as individuals. They had been together since they were 13 years old.

By initiative of Tyler, the two separated for a month and lived apart before coming back together stronger.

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Setting boundaries

They are good with setting boundaries to protect their daughtersCredit: Instagram

Both Catelynn and Tyler grew up in broken homes – Catelynn's mom was "unpredictable" while Tyler's dad was in and out of jail for years.

In an odd turn of fate, their relationship as sweethearts brought their parents together and they tied the knot when the Teen Mom stars were in high school.

Due to them coming from a bad environment, they made the conscious effort to set boundaries for their families when things got bad.

During 16 & Pregnant, Cate moved out of the house when her relationship with her mom got bad, and to this day, Tyler keeps his dad at an arm's length to stop his daughters from getting hurt.

Because of their own experiences, they are teaching their daughters about keeping those who really matter and who are a positive influence in their lives.

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