Taliban thugs caught ‘throwing stones towards beloved lion inside zoo’

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A group of Taliban fighters have reportedly been throwing stones at an animal at a zoo in Afghanistan.

A lion at Kabul zoo was attacked with stones raining down on him by Taliban thugs, who were surrounding the fence around the enclosure.

According to the Daily Mail, a zoo official asked the stone throwers to stop but his pleas were ignored.

Kabul Zoo, which once had over 400 animals, has had a number of animal-related incidents since opening back in 1967.

The majority came during the civil war during the 90s, where most animals were killed.

There have been a number of incidents involving the Taliban injuring and killing the animals of the zoo.

An Asiatic black bear called Donatella suffered an injury to her nose after part of it was sliced off by a Taliban soldier after she scratched him.

One of the most shocking moments in the zoo’s history happened to Marjan the lion, who was given to Kabul zoo from Cologne Zoo in 1978.

He was said to have become a symbol of the suffering and defiance for the Afghan people in the civil war.

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However, in 1995, a soldier was killed after climbing into Marjan's enclosure while showing off to comrades.

In revenge for the killing, the deceased man’s brother tossed a hand grenade at Marjan.

The blast caused the lion to go blind, deaf and also lost all his teeth.

Marjan managed to survive the ordeal for many years, even until the Taliban fell in 2001.

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He was then allowed to have international medical aid but his old age and injuries saw him die months.

In tribute to Marjan, a bronze statue of the lion welcomes visitors at the entrance to the park.

Today, the zoo features camels, ostriches, flamingos, leopards and more but the highlight is an unnamed rare white lion.

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