Swearing and using F-word really IS clever as scientists say it helps with pain

Dropping the f-bomb can help us cope with discomfort, a study found.

Researchers came up with two new inoffensive words, “twizpipe” and “fouch” as alternatives.

But volunteers who tested the new words while their hands were plunged into ice water found them less effective than a foul-mouthed outburst.


Dr Richard Stephens, who was funded by Nurofen, said: “The words we created didn’t cut it when it came to pain relief – repeating the f-word was the best option.”

The Keele University scientist added: “From a young age we learn to associate swear words with high-stress situations and that they are forbidden. The study found these strong sentiments cannot be mimicked by newly created swear words.”

Abraham Khodadi, known as Abraham the Pharmacist on social media, urged people to seek out proper pain relief when an X-rated yell is not enough.

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