Sussex fans told ‘don’t hold breath’ for Lilibet photo as portrait ‘unlikely’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to follow tradition by releasing a picture of Lilibet Diana soon – but fans of the royals might find themselves frustrated when they see the snap.

Although the Sussexes did release a photo of Lilibet’s brother Archie when he was born in 2019, it showed only his foot.

It’s thought the couple – who go to great pains to insist on maintaining their privacy – might once again choose not to release a proper portrait of the newest member of the Royal Family.

It has led one expert to warn people to lower their expectations ahead of the release of the first picture.

Camilla Tominey, the royal editor of the Daily Telegraph, said on the Today show that a photo would be released "within the next week".

But she added: “I wouldn't hold your breath as to get a full-frontal shot, because if you remember with Archie, the first image we had was of his foot cupped in someone's hand.

“It wasn't the face, so don't hold your breath."

Harry and Meghan have a track record of suing publications that have printed unauthorised photos of Archie, who is now two.

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Lilibet Diana was named in tribute to the Queen, her great-grandmother, whose childhood nickname was Lilibet, and to Diana, Princess of Wales, Harry’s mum.

She was born in hospital in Santa Barbara, California, on Friday morning, weighing 7lb 11oz.

It has since emerged that the online domain “” was snapped up on the day of her arrival, before the public announcement of the birth was made on Sunday, leading to suggestions that someone in the Sussexes’ camp was behind the registration.

Meanwhile, the date of his daughter's birth means it’s likely Harry will be able to dash back to the UK for the unveiling of a statue in memory of Diana at Kensington Palace next month.

There had been worries that the birth and the statue ceremony would lead to a diary clash for the prince, but he should now be free to attend what will doubtless be an emotional return for him.

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