Super rich could scoop free Bugatti Chiron with £52 million yacht

The superyacht with a hypercar! £52million concept craft boasts ‘free’ £4million Bugatti Chiron to provide high speed thrills on sea and land

  •  A super yacht fit for a James Bond villain is aiming to offer the ultimate in luxury
  •  The Xenos has been designed by the Lazzarini Design Studio who hope to include a supercar with it
  •  If built the 130-foot yacht could head to glamorous resorts such as St Tropez and Monaco

The latest gadget for anyone wanting to be a James Bond villain could hit the waves in the shape of a £52 million hyper yacht complete with a free £4 million Bugatti Chiron supercar.

The ultimate high prestige Xenos super boat is expected to attract the mega rich who will head to glittering ports such as Monaco and St Tropez.

Although still on the drawing board the yacht is reminiscent of the vessel used by the Bond villain and Spectre operative Emilio Largo in 1965’s Thunderball.

The team at Lazzarini Design Studio hope to create the £52 million Xenos super yacht 

Owners of the £52 million super yacht will also receive a free Bugatti Chiron worth £4 million

It is planned to house the Bugatti in an on-deck garage so owners can simply drive into the harbour

Lazzarini Design Studio is the team behind the fantasy boat which they claim will have a top speed of more than 100mph thanks to a 15,000 horsepower engine.

It is planned to build the 130-foot vessel from aluminium and carbon to add to the sleekness and lightness of the boat.

According to the Lazzarini team it has been ‘designed for comfortable high speed cruises.’

The sleek black and chrome yacht is set to have auto-tinting windows, roof mounted solar panels and also be available as an electric powered model.

It is expected that, if it ever leaves the drawing board, that the Xenos will easily cope with rough waters thanks to its ability to swap between a conventional hull and hydrofoils.

It is hoped that the £52 million yacht will be able to operate with a conventional hull or on hydrofoils reaching 90 knots

Jet skis are also included aboard the luxury boat which is sure to attract the mega rich

The Xenos is still on the drawing board but the Lazzarini design team aim to make it the peak of luxury

The Xenos will have sleek lines and it is planned to make it from aluminium and carbon

And with the designers claiming that Xenos, which means different in Ancient Greek, will reach speeds of 90 knots it will make it the fastest 130-foot long yacht in the world. 

 Not content with simply providing the ultimate luxury on the waves Lazzarini also plan to add a free Bugatti Chiron to the package.

This pièce de résistance is sure to be a major selling point as there are only 500 of the supercars in the world.

With only 500 Bugatti Chirons in the world the lure of one of the supercars for free with the yacht will be a big selling point

The car will be stored in an on-deck garage with a folding ramp to allow owners to drive straight off the yacht into the harbour.

The Bugatti Chiron last year became the first car in the world to go over 300mph.

Last year Bugatti test driver  Andy Wallace reached a speed of 490.48km/h (304.77mph) at the Volkswagen testing circuit at Ehra-Lessien, in Germany.

Designers at Lazzarini said: ‘The Hyper car is nicely included in the price of the Xenos – the world’s first Hyper yacht.’

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