Student, 20, who sold her virginity for £1m falls for man who bought her for sex

A young student who flogged her virginity for £1m (€1.2m) to travel the world and set-up her own business has fallen for the man who bought her for sex.

Jasmine, 20, from Paris, intended to save her first time having sex for marriage but decided the money on offer was too good.

Despite coming from a religious family, she opted to sell her first coital experience to cover family expenses, travel the world and start her own company.

Her virginity was sold to a ‘smart’ and ‘successful’ older Wall Street banker, from New York, who beat competition from a Los Angeles DJ who bid €900k and a real estate mogul from Munich offering €600k.

The Parisian who was listed as having brown hair and eyes, natural breasts and no tattoos or piercings, has said she doesn’t regret the experience.

She even added that the pair intend to date, suggesting that their romantic spark that could see them traveling the world together.

Jasmine said: "Most people would exchange a million for their first time if they could turn back time.

"I am happy that I sold my virginity and I met the client already.

"I was a bit nervous to be honest but finally I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well.

"I don’t want to go into details but what I can say is that we are going to date each other again.

"It is too early to talk about love yet. We like each other, and we’ll see what will happen in the future.

"I am happy that I was lucky with the man who bought my virginity. He is smart, successful and I like older men. Maybe we will travel the world together."

Jasmine has not hidden the transaction from friends or family members, who she says agree with the reasoning behind her decision.

Despite the hopes of having a fairytale first-time when she was younger, she claims to be glad to have sold her virginity online.

Jasmine said: "I grew up in a very religious family. My plan was to wait until after the wedding.

"My virginity means a lot to me, but my family and I have a lot of expenses. These expenses include a house, and a car. These are all expensive.

"In addition to this, I would like to have the opportunity to travel around the world and to start my own business.

"That’s why I decided to have my virginity auctioned off."

Jasmine believes people selling their virginity has become a worldwide trend and while people could consider cashing in, they shouldn’t rush into the decision.

She said: "It was a long process until Cinderella Escorts accepted me and I was waiting even longer for a buyer. But finally, it was worth it.

"I get the impression that it became a trend for women to sell their virginity.

"On the one side, I think it is a part of emancipation. It should not be a taboo that women can do what they want with their bodies.

"But on the other side, I hope that women don’t make this decision too fast.

"Most of them are right to sell their virginity. Most would otherwise just give their virginity to a man who could break up with them later on.

"But there are also women who find the right person from the beginning and one day will marry him. They should not lose their chance for that romantic love story.

"Now, I am looking forward to travelling the world after starting my own business. I want to be independent."

Cinderella Escorts say their highest sale made so far, was for American Giselle who sold her virginity to a businessman from Abu Dhabi for €2.5 million (£2.1m).

A spokesperson from the company said: "We made headlines worldwide as the world’s most famous escort agency for having celebrities and virgins on our website."

World of Russian virginity dealers who sell girls as young as 17 for thousands to wealthy businessmen

In Russia there is an underground business of ‘virginity dealers’ who sell some girls as young as 17 – and take a cut of the fees themselves.

Networks of specialist dealers and scouts actively recruit virgins and link them to wealthy men, a report issued in February claimed.

But women aren’t just selling their virginity through dealers as some even do it directly themselves, the report states.

It found that in other cases women place their own advertisements selling the “right to the first night” on forums and dating websites typically offering themselves to “adult, affluent man”.

The virginity dealers look for girls online and post adverts on forums and social media.

A Russian social media forum recruiting young women is called Desperate Virgins’ Club.

Shockingly these forums get thousands of girls signing up.

A 19 year old girl from Moscow naming herself Milana Mercer wrote on one of the adverts: "Selling virginity, please send me a private message. I am from Moscow, I’m 19, 175 cm (tall), weight – 65 kg.”

Another said: “Girl. 17. Selling virginity. Details in private messages.”

The dealers boast about the wealth these girls and young women can get from selling their first time.

One promoting a virginity buying and selling site said: "Marina sold her virginity for 1.5 million roubles (£18,900), and bought a great apartment.” with an image of a woman, although it is also not clear if the use of the picture was genuine.

As part of the process a medical examination is carried out to ensure the woman is a virgin and STI free, a further one can be requested by the bidder.

This has caught out one women, who was close to earning €2m prior to being caught.

The company said: "Of course, by selling a lot of virginities bad experiences can also happen.

"We cannot look into the brains of women when they apply. But we can have a high security system to discover all fakes before they sell it.

"The most negative example for everyone was Alexandra.

"We got a client for her, over €2m, again our security system to protect our clients was successful and we found out that she had pictures of her and a Romanian rapper, her boyfriend, on Instagram.

"We felt sad for her and therefore didn’t share the real story about Alexandra until now. I think it was hard enough for her, to get kicked out and lose €2m just a few days before meeting the client.

"She was very angry about the fact that we decided to tell the buyer about her boyfriend and about our decision to kick her out and making her lose two million.

"Out of her rage she started a dirty campaign by telling a lot of lies against us as personal revenge.

"Our reaction was that we recently exposed her lies by posting evidence on our website which show that we sold her, all her statements are fake and even prove that we kicked her out because of her boyfriend."

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