Stepmum starved girl, 10, to death – then stuffed body in dustbin and set it on fire

When she lost her job Moss blamed Emani and then pulled the youngster out of school.

Emani was kept in her bedroom and deprived of food and water, the Mirror Online reported.

She sent pictures to Eman of meals she’d cooked him and her two children – who remained happy and healthy, while Emani wasted away.

On 2 November, 2013, Eman called 911 saying that his 10-year-old daughter was dead.

Horrified police discovered Emani’s body in a galvanised steel dustbin and Eman and Tiffany were arrested.

At Tiffany’s trial it was revealed the pair sprinkled lighter fluid inside the bin and set it  and set the body alight – before realising that the fire wouldn’t burn her remains.

Eman said his guilt got the better of him and he decided to report his daughter’s death to police.

When he testified against his wife in 2015, he admitted things had got tougher after the abuse case because Tiffany was angry at  Emani for getting her into trouble.

Eman said in the days before his daughter died, she had a seizure – likely from severe starvation.

Tiffany said they couldn’t take her to the doctor because she was too thin, so they put her in bed, where she died.

When Eman was asked why he hadn’t called 911, he replied, “I was trying to fix a problem that couldn’t be fixed”.

Jurors covered their mouths as Eman described ‘cracking’ his daughter’s bones to get her body inside the steel bin.

Medical experts said Emani wasted away – laying in her own waste because she was too weak to move.

Tiffany, 36, was found guilty of murder, child cruelty, and concealing a murder .

In May this year she was sentenced to death – becoming the only female on death row in the state of Georgia.

The planned date for her execution has been and gone due to the automatic appeals.

While Eman was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 without parole for his role in the crime.

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