State law enforcement urged to donate body armor and helmets to Ukrainians.

Efforts are underway in Colorado to donate surplus body armor and ballistic helmets to besieged Ukrainians.

The office of Gov. Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Public Safety and the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs are asking state law enforcement agencies to donate excess protective equipment, specifically potentially life-saving gear, to war-torn Ukrainians.

The state is working with partners to deliver the items to Ukraine, according to a news release.

“Colorado is doing everything we can to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and supplying body armor will help save lives of brave Ukrainians fighting to protect their freedom,” Polis said in the release. “We have surplus body armor sitting on shelves, and we know that it can urgently be used to help stop Putin and save Ukraine.”

Donations are being accepted only from law enforcement agencies, not from the public, to ensure all materials meet safety standards, the release said.

Law enforcement agencies are asked to drop off donated supplies by 3 p.m., Monday at any of the following locations:

  • Denver Armory, 5275 Franklin St., Denver.
  • Windsor Armory, 31725 Great Western Drive, Windsor.
  • North Colorado Springs Armory, 9510 Voyager Parkway, Colorado Springs.
  • Pueblo Armory, 1215 Acero Ave., Pueblo.
  • Grand Junction Armory, 482 28 Road, Grand Junction.

“If even one life of a citizen soldier who is defending their country is saved, then this time-sensitive effort will have been worth it,” said Stan Hilkey, executive director of the Department of Public Safety.

The public is urged to make a financial donation to any of the international nonprofits that are helping civilians affected by the war. The U.S. State Department has partnered with to address the humanitarian needs of the people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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