Star Hobson’s evil killer mum keeps phoning family ‘heartbroken’ over dead tot

As they mark the second anniversary of her death, Star Hobson’s family say they “will never get over” their loss.

When Star was just 16 months old, she was beaten to death by club bouncer Savannah Brockhill, 28, who was was in a relationship with the little girl’s mother.

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Brockhill was jailed for a minimum term of 25 years for murder and Star’s mum, Frankie Smith, 20, was locked up for 12 years for causing, or allowing, the death after her sentence was extended by the Court of Appeal.

Two years on from the tot's tragic death, Smith is still in regular contact with her family, and is said to be "heartbroken" by her fateful decision to start a relationship with Brockhill.

David Fawcett, Star’s great-grandfather says he is plagued by constant grief, adding: “It is something you will never get over”.

He said: “Some people said it will take time to get over, some other people said it is something you will never get over.

“We’re still struggling now. Anita has taken the worst of it. She cries every day over Star.

"She kisses a photo of Star on her fireplace first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

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Anita, Star’s great-grandmum, said the family plans to release balloons and lay flowers to commemorate Star’s life.

She said: ‘My heart broke and it will never be mended. Star lived with us for three months. Anita did everything for Star.

“On the second anniversary, we are taking some balloons and flowers to her resting place.

"Her birthdays and the anniversary of her death are when we try to make it a special time.

“I’m surrounded by pictures of Star in my flat. I watch videos of her.”

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Speaking today, David revealed he still regularly visited Frankie Smith in detention, adding that Brockhill had “smashed this family to smithereens”.

He said: “Brockhill got into Frankie’s head and took Star away from us. Savannah was calling all of the shots. Things just got worse. We were absolutely devastated.

“We try to stick together as a family. I go to visit Frankie, I go twice a month"

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“Frankie will be OK," David added, "then she will ring me and she is heartbroken. She loved [Star]. She can’t believe she got into this relationship and caused this.

“Me and Frankie were very close. We did things like cycling and strawberry picking together. When Brockhill came along, she got into her head. I begged her to get away.

He added: “It’s just so sad. She just met the wrong person and turned all of our lives upside down.


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