Spoon bender Uri Geller’s plan to help Scotland beat England in Euros showdown

Spoon bender Uri Geller has revealed why he is going to help Scotland beat England in their crunch Euro 2020 clash.

The illusionist has switched sides after claiming he helped the Three Lions triumph when the two sides met at Euro 96.

But Uri, 74, has now pledged to use his psychic powers to help level the scores as he branded the actions 25 years that made him a figure of hate in Scotland "high unethical".

On that fateful day on June 15, 1996, Uri hovered above Wembley Stadium in a helicopter.

When Scotland midfielder Gary McAllister went up to take a penalty that would have levelled the scores at 1-1, the self-proclaimed psychic claims he moved the ball on the spot, enabling David Seaman to make the save.

But now he has changed teams and has said he will be using his powers to help Scotland claim the three points after people north of the border forgave him.

He told the Daily Star: "What happened in 1996 was such a big story but what I did was also highly unethical, illegal and improper.

"I can use my powers for good but what I did was wrong.

"I received 11,000 hate letters from Scotland afterwards, some people said they wanted to kill me.

"But now they love me and I'm going to help Scotland beat England. I've got something planned but I can't give away my secrets."

Uri claims he helped Scotland qualify for Euro 2020 by helping them win their play-off penalty shoot out against Serbia.

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He also bought the island of The Lamb, off the east coast of Scotland, in 2009, stating that he believed it to be a hiding place for ancient Egyptian treasure.

Uri, who now lives in Israel, says he feels like an "honorary Scottish citizen".

He also slammed anyone who doubts his powers or the impact he had on that fateful game between England and Scotland 25 years ago.

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He said: "Skeptics can say what they like. I know what happened.

"It was explosive, it was mind-blowing. There was just something about that day (in 1996).

"I was in the helicopter hovering above Wembley listening to the game in my headphones. When the penalty came up, I knew it was my moment.

"You can see the ball move on the penalty spot when Gary McAllister goes up to kick it.

"He has forgiven me and shook my hand when we met years later."

Uri has previously claimed he was "approached by some very high-ranking British people" to conduct his penalty stunt in 1996.

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