Speeding asteroid as big as 123 Elle Brookes to crash Earth’s orbit next week

A huge asteroid is hurting towards Earth's orbit at an extraordinarily fast speed, and it will make contact on Monday (April 17).

Given the moniker of 2023 GM by NASA's top experts, the giant space boulder is travelling at a whopping 20.09 kilometres per second – more than twice as fast as most other asteroids on the organisations Near Earth Object list.

And it measures around 190 metres in diametre, which we've worked out is approximately the same as putting 123 Elle Brookes standing on top of each other.

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The OnlyFans star and Daily Star favourite measures a rather small five foot, one inch, or 1.54 metres for the metric fans out there.

The asteroid is also one of the rarest in the universe – almost as rare as a Champions League trophy in the cabinet of Elle's beloved Manchester City.

It last came near Earth on April 18, 1952, and once it completes its journey next week at around 6.42am it won't be back in our orbit until October 27, 2120.

It is not yet know where exactly the asteroid will be visible from, as all Near Earth Objects can be seen from Earth with the right equipment.

Despite the planet crashing into Earth's orbit, the beastly rock won't actually impact the physical planet, and it isn't expected to do so when it return in 100 years time.

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Earlier this month, NASA warned that a planet-killer asteroid will strike Earth on average once every 600,000 to 700,000 years.

New research by James Garvin, chief scientist of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, suggested that impacts of space rocks over half a mile across could be three times more frequent than previous estimates.

“An object that size would, apart from causing massive local devastation, blow a huge mass of the planet’s atmosphere into space. “It would be in the range of serious crap happening,” Garvin said.

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