South Carolina woman, 68, bit by alligator while walking dog near pond

Tennessee police warn against flushing meth down toilet to avoid creating meth alligators

Tennessee police advised locals against disposing drugs down sewage lines in order to prevent animals from consuming harmful substances.

A South Carolina woman was walking her dog Monday night when an alligator attacked her near her home, officials said.

The 68-year-old woman was outside her home in Hilton Head Island, roughly 25 yards away from a pond in the Sun City retirement community, around 10 p.m., according to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities caught the alligator, which was about 9 feet long, and euthanized it.

Alligator appears to ring doorbell as shocked homeowner looks on in South Carolina

A spokesperson with the Bluffton Township Fire District, which responded to the scene, told WTOC the incident was not a "trend."

“We surely look at those to see if there is a preventive message or effort that we can put forth to help folks avoid those scenarios. The unfortunate truth is they are wild animals, and wild indicates the fact that there is no trend, there is no way," Cpt. Lee Levesque said.


The alligator bit the woman on her leg and hand/wrist area, according to what she told authorities. She was transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

The sheriff's office warns those in Beaufort County "to be mindful of alligators and to please be careful when walking near ponds and lagoons — especially at night when visibility is limited."

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