Sonic ‘boom’ heard for miles as ‘windows shake’ in huge bang

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Residents claim they heard a ‘sonic boom’ which caused their windows to shake and which could be heard from miles away.

People in Norwich say they heard a huge bang on Wednesday.

It comes two weeks after a sonic boom was heard above London and Cambridge.

The noise on January 12 was caused when two RAF jets scrambled to help a private plane, which had lost communication with air traffic controllers after travelling from Germany.

Social media users took to Twitter on Wednesday to report hearing the sonic boom over Norwich.

One tweeted: “Just outside of Norwich and we heard and felt a boom which made the windows shake.”

Another added: “Large explosion / Sonic boom heard over Norwich around 11:45am, even my camera caught the sound of it! My whole house shook.”

While one posted: “Literally felt the pressure change inside the house as the double glazing bounced in the window and door frames.”

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