Snow warning: Major snowfall to hit this week – where will be affected?

Weather: Yellow warning issued for incoming Storm Corrie

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Two severe storms have battered Britain this weekend. Storm Malik followed by Storm Corrie has caused serve disruption across northern England and Scotland. Brits hoping for a break in the bad weather will be disappointed as major snowfalls have been forecast for parts of the UK next week. Here are the areas that will be hit with snow flurries.

Britons are still reeling from Storm Malik and Storm Corrie, which brought with them tremendous winds of up to 80mph.

These huge gusts toppled trees, causing widespread travel disruption as well as severe power cuts.

Weather conditions will continue to be blustery on Monday, January 31 as Storm Corrie rages through the UK.

But fortunately, these winds will die down as the day progresses, with much of the UK experiencing mixed weather conditions for the rest of the week.

The Met Office forecasts that at the start of the week the weather will be dominated by windy but mild conditions.

Towards the end of the week, the Met Office said there will be “rain at times in the north, mainly dry in the south.

“Rain crossing southeastern areas on Thursday clearing to sunshine and blustery, wintry showers; colder.”

What time will snow arrive in the UK?

Meteorologists at WXCHARTS forecast that colder conditions will emerge from Thursday, February 4.

Snow flurries of up to 3cm deep are expected to cover large swathes of northern and western Scotland on Thursday.

These snowy conditions will continue into Friday, February 4, as weather maps from WXCHARTS reveal that a blanket of snow will cover most of Scotland stretching into parts of north west England.

Snow will be limited to Scotland on Saturday, February 5, as further flurries haven’t been forecast for England.

Snow has been forecast for February 6 across north west Scotland and the Cairngorms.

The heaviest flurries are expected to fall across high ground in the Cairngorms and around the Trossachs.

This wintery snap will only last for four days as no snow showers have been forecast for the following week.

Despite WXCHARTS’ snowy forecast, the Met Office hasn’t forecast snowfall in the UK for the next few weeks.

The Met Office forecasts that from Friday, February 4 to Sunday, February 13, conditions will be quite mild.

The weather service predicts that “sunshine and showers are expected at the start of this period.”

But they add that conditions may be wintery in the north and northwest of the UK.

The Met Office forecasts that “some, mostly short-lived, spells of colder temperatures are likely in the north and northwest, where some wintery showers could develop.

However, the Met Office has yet to forecast snow at any point throughout February.

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