Snorkeler attacked by nurse shark uses pliers to wrench stubborn sea beast from his NIPPLE

A SNORKELER was forced to use pliers to free himself from the jaws of a nurse shark after the creature latched on to his nipple.

The swimmer, who was taking underwater pictures of the sharks in Florida Keys, fled from the sea with the beast hanging from his skin.

Desperate to be freed from the shark's grip, the amateur snapper ran to the nearest shop and for help.

Lucky for the snorkeller, a curious onlooker offered to help, he said: "I opened the door and asked what was going on, to which he replied 'Hey this nurse shark bite me and won't let go. You think you could help me out?'

"I told him 'absolutely, but would you mind if I took a picture first?" He laughed and said, 'yeah man, I need a copy of that' and chuckled".

The pair decided the only way to remove the shark was with a pair of pliers.

Intrigued by the bizarre scene, several passers-by stopped to watch as the good samaritan attempted to free the snorkeller from the shark.

One of the men joked: "Do you need your nipple?" as they attempted to push the pliers into the animal's mouth to prize it open.


The swimmer laughed: "I don't need it, it would be kind of nice to have it though."

The group struggled to get the shark off though, with one heard off-camera saying: "I can't get it off" to which the other man replied: "at least it's not a big one."

As the men wrestled to get the shark off the snorkeler's nipple, he began to wince in pain before laughing: "oh man, have you guys done this before?"

After several failed attempts, eventually the men managed to pull the shark's jaws open enough to free the swimmer's nipple.

The creature survived the ordeal and as soon as it was removed from the man's skin, they returned the shark to the water.

The man's nipple was swollen with several puncture marks that oozed with blood, but it remained in one piece.

One of the helpers said: "The man was definitely relieved to get the shark off and very appreciative of our help, knowing he had a story for generations.

"Not once did he complain.''

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