Six-year-old girl flies model dragon made by her father

THIS is how to train your dragon! Six-year-old girl shrieks ‘I’m flying’ as she flies on model mythical beast made by her father for her birthday

  • Heartwarming moment a six-year-old girl rides across her garden on a dragon
  • Adorable video shows Clara Treasure-Jones swooping on the model in Horsham
  • It was made by her 46-year-old father out of scrap metal for her birthday 

This is the heartwarming moment a six-year-old girl shrieks ‘I’m flying’ as she swoops across the garden on a model dragon made by her father.

Adorable video shows Clara Treasure-Jones gliding through the skies of Horsham, West Sussex, on a model Toothless, from the kids movie How To Train Your Dragon.

Her 46-year-old father Matt fashioned the fire-breathing creature’s likeness out of scrap metal that cost only £150 to give his only daughter for her birthday. 

Six-year-old Clara Treasure-Jones pictured with her father Matt on top of the model dragon that her father made her for her birthday. She took to the skies of Horsham, West Sussex, on top of the mythical beast

Clara is pictured steering Toothless, from the Kids’ film How To Train Your Dragon, across the garden as she swoops low over a field. Her father made it after she said she wanted to fly a dragon for her birthday

In heartwarming footage Clara is seen, wearing a purple helmet, swooping over the garden on her dragon.

She sweeps low across a field, the dragons wings outstretched, as a man in a viking helmet helps the flight along from behind.

Speaking about his daughter’s present, Matt his only child was ‘absolutely delighted’.

‘She couldn’t believe it.

‘As soon as she said she wanted to fly a dragon for her birthday, I was determined to make her dream come true.

‘I thought about asking if she wanted something else but I soon realised it wouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

‘It’s so important to keep kids’ dreams alive and bring a little magic to their childhood.’

Clara and her father pose for a photo on top of the dragon after her maiden flight. Speaking about her reaction, Matt said: ‘She couldn’t believe it’

Matt insists it was a ‘simple’ project and claims he regularly builds his daughter impressive toys.

He said he had built her a huge aluminium dragon before – but concedes that this was by far his most ambitious project.

The 46-year-old added: ‘I just love seeing her little face – that giggle she makes while in the video makes it all so worthwhile.’ 

Clara was presented with the ride at her sixth birthday party in front of all her friends.

Her father had worked on the project in secret in his workshop to make sure the surprise had maximum impact.

The metal dragon is suspended via a zip wire from the family’s tractor allowing her to bob along at the family’s farm in Horsham, West Sussex.

In the uplifting clip, Clara can be seen giggling as her friends and family surround her on her first ride.

And while the video is enough to frighten most parents, Matt – who is separated from Clara’s mum – insists safety was his utmost concern.

He said: ‘Most of the money went on the safety side of things – it’s completely secure, I have no worries about that.’

How To Train Your Dragon is a popular children’s film, voiced by Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill and David Tenant and produced by DreamWorks Animation.

The first film premiered in 2010 and later generated two sequels, several video games and a TV series.

It is based around the adventures of Hiccup, a 15-year-old boy, and his dragon Toothless – the inspiration behind Clara’s new ride.

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