Sisters find their parents’ old love letter – but quickly regret opening it

When our loved ones pass away, many of us end up discovering things about them we never knew.

We may hear stories about them from old pals, or uncover a hidden treasure, and these things can make the heartbreak of mourning a little easier.

But a group of sisters got a little more than they bargained for when they found some of their late mum’s old letters and decided to read them.

They found a bunch of letters their dad had sent her when he was working away in London in the 1960s.

The sisters gathered together to read them, but it turns out they weren’t the romantic love notes they were hoping for.

One of the women shared the story on Twitter under the name Morven, writing: "After my Mum died we found letters, tied in a bow from my Dad from when he worked away in London in the 60’s.

"My crying sisters and I held hands, opened one and the whole thing was about how much he missed shagging her, apparently a bit of a goer.

"Didn’t read the rest."

Wow, just wow.

Her tweet has been liked more than 6,000 times and she’s been inundated with messages from people who loved the story.

When one person suggested she must at least be happy to know there was passion in their relationship, the woman replied: "Um, kinda.

"We already knew they were in love and all that but seeing sexual acts that you Mum has performed on your Dad written down is another kettle of fish."

One man shared a similar situation he found himself with his parents.

He wrote: "My mum’s stuff included a bundle of letters labelled "To be destroyed when I pop my clogs." My brother took a lot of persuading that she meant "To be destroyed *unread*…", and that we should honour the spirit rather than the letter of the request."

The woman shared the story after seeing a similar story from a woman in Texas.

She shared photos of huge bundles of photos her parents sent each other when they were in a long distance relationship.

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She wrote: "My parents were in a long distance relationship for a few years after my dad moved to the u.s but they kept in touch through all these letters.. do you hear me crying."

Her tweet has been liked more than 99,000 times.

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