Singer who married a ghost ‘gone into hiding’ after death threats over marriage

Singer songwriter Brocarde has fled the country and gone into hiding after being viciously trolled over her marriage to a ghost.

The newly wed, who married Edwardo on Halloween after scaring Holly Willoughby live on This Morning, is suffering constant online abuse, including death threats.

Lifting the lid on the scale of the hate campaign shocked Brocarde said: “I’m really terrified and disturbed by it all. I try to put a brave face on and be thick skinned but the comments are becoming more and more hateful and deeply personal. Everyone preaches that love is love, but that sentiment doesn’t seem to apply if your husband is a ghost.”

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“The attacks started before my marriage but after the wedding they became even more threatening. I have received death threats, messages from people telling me to kill myself and to check into a mental hospital.

"I am scared someone is going attack me in person, or turn up at my home, it’s got so bad that Edwardo and I have left the country. We are even considering going into hiding, it isn’t a problem for Edwardo but I’m getting scared to show my face in public.”

"My relationship with Edwardo is already so rocky, and he isn’t really there for me, as usual, so tension between us is mounting. Apparently trolling isn’t a problem in the after life, ironically ghosts prefer to live and let live.”

“It is appalling that people what to hurl such abuse at a stranger. Sometimes I can’t bare to look at my phone, I have to block and delete but some slip through the net and it just makes me sad.

"I appreciate that marrying a ghost is slightly offbeat but people are so dismissive and judgmental of paranormal relationships. It’s hard to believe that this kind of trolling goes unpunished.”

Aside from the trolls, Brocarde has had some supportive comments.

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She said: “On the flip side, there’s also a lot of intrigue surrounding my relationship, some people that have reached out are fascinated by it all and want to learn more and share their own paranormal experiences. These people encourage me to be myself and say the trolls are ignorant and narrow minded.”

Brocarde tied the knot in the Asylum Chapel in London after a mammoth mission to find a church or venue that would host their wedding. She told ITV’s This Morning: “I think there is a bit of an issue with religion and the after life. Not all priests believe.”

She was even kicked out of churches and threatened with exorcisms when looking for the perfect wedding venue.

The singer song writer was first introduced to the soldier when he made a surprise appearance in her bedroom a couple of years ago. Brocarde admitted that although she was always fascinated by the paranormal she wasn’t an adamant believer of ghosts before she met her husband.

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The ceremony had an open invite to the living and the dead, which saw the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Henry VIII attend the chapel.

But she was forced to turn to a medium in the New Year for marriage counselling after a rocky Christmas with her husband.

The medium sensed the ghost’s deep love for his wife and said it is critical that they work on their communication skills.

After demanding her husband give a sign he is committed to the marriage and wants it to survive Brocarde started being haunted by a screaming baby

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As well as the crying baby, which wakes her in the middle of the night, she has also seen the vision of a rocking crib at the end of her bed.

Brocade, who can only stop the baby screaming by screaming back at the top of her lungs, added: “The baby and the sleepless nights felt like a bit of a deal breaker, but with the trolling to contend with as well I’m starting to wonder if being married to a ghost is all it’s cracked up to be or if it’s just going to crack me up.”

“It’s pretty miserable and unfulfilling being married to a ghost, I’m becoming a shadow of my former self, a bit like Edwardo.”

Brocarde’s single “Haunted” which she wrote about her relationship with ghost Edwardo is out now.

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