Shocking moment thug ‘tramples baby’ as he fights his father

Shocking moment thug ‘tramples baby’ as he launches a volley of kicks at father’s face in brutal ambush

  • Horrific CCTV footage shows a baby being dropped and stood on during a fight
  • The baby’s frantic mother scoops up her baby from the ground during the attack
  • The infant has been hospitalised as it recovers from the incident in Kemerovo, Russia

A baby was left injured after a thug appeared to stand on him as he got into a brutal fight with the infant’s father.

Shocking CCTV security footage of the attack shows a 23-year-old man launch himself at a couple walking with their baby in a carrycot in Kemerovo, Russia. 

Eventually the battered father drops the carrycot, and the thug apparently kicks it and stands on it as his foot gets tangled.

At the beginning the clip, the mother and father can be seen walking and carrying their child

While the baby’s frantic mother scoops up the tot from the ground, the man continues to pummel her partner with his fists. 

The 23-year-old man seen punching the baby’s father, who has not been named, was arrested by police.

Officers say the baby is in hospital recovering from injuries caused in the brutal encounter.

Suddenly, a man appears and approaches the couple before the savage fight begins in Kemerovo, Russia

The infant’s mother scoops up the child as the two men grapple with each other in a video recorded on CCTV

Investigators say the arrested man had been waiting for them to apparently settle a score between the two men.

A police spokesman told local media: ‘Officers established that two men were engaged in some sort of a conflict. The 23-year-old suspect hit his opponent a few times.

‘During this, the father dropped the cradle bag with his baby inside. The baby boy is hospitalised.’

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