Shocking moment raging horse savages a SHEEP to death and throws it like a rag doll in rare footage

THIS is the shocking moment a raging horse savages a sheep to death by throwing it around like a rag doll.

In a clip, posted to Reddit, the aggressive stallion slams the helpless animal on the ground multiple times before stamping on its lifeless body.

The video begins with one man backing away from a wild horse as it frantically jumps just meters away from the group.

The horse picks then up the injured sheep before repeatedly throwing it on the ground.

In one part of the video, the sheep's head becomes clear and the wool around its face is dyed red from blood.

Towards the end of the video, the sheep remains lifeless as the horse tramples around it.

Then, in one last act of horror, the horse stamps on the body of the sheep – ensuring its demise.

Viewers expressed their horror at the video with one writing: "Easy to forget how powerful horses are.

"Lifted that sheep and threw it around like it was nothing."

Another wrote: "Everyone knows to stay clear of the back end, but the front is really the most dangerous.

"I've seen my horse lift a 50 lb bale of hay and causally toss it when trying to pull some loose bits of forage out."

But according to Xtra Pets, horses attacking other animals is a very rare scenario.

"Horses are usually kind and gentle animals, however, they do tend to become dangerous due to various circumstances," the website said.

"Moreover, there’s a difference between a domestic horse and a wild one when it comes to triggering them to attack.

"Although it rarely happens, the possibility of a horse attacking a human or an animal is due to a disorder called pathologic dominance aggression."

This isn't the first time a mostly-gentle animal was provoked and attacked another.

In October, an elephant mum crushed a crocodile to death after the beast threatened to attack her calf.

The large elephant violently stamped the crocodile to death in front of a horrified safari group in Zambia in August.

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