Shark attack survivor’s ‘immense pain’ after swimming from ‘all blood in water’

A large shark sunk its teeth into a teenager's leg after being kicked underwater.

Jordan Hooper, 17, barely made it out the water onto Ormond Beach, Florida, US before being rushed to A&E for dozens of stitches.

The shark responsible is believed to be a 7ft black tip which has taken the tally of shark bite reports in Volusia County alone, up to ten in 2020.

Jordan explained he regrettably made the initial contact with the predator with his foot when swimming back to his surfboard which he was pushed off by a strong wave.

He immediately felt excruciating pain in his right leg and saw his own blood turn the water around him around him red, managing to spot just the back of the shark.

Jordan told Tracking Sharks : "I started swimming toward the board and that's when I kicked something in the water.

"As soon as I kicked it, boom! It all happened so fast! It completely grabbed onto my leg."

"All of its teeth went straight through my leg. They said it could have been anywhere from a 6 to 7-foot blacktip.

"That's when things just started going through my head. I turned and saw all the blood in the water and confirmed what happened. I knew I needed to swim to my board," He said to WIST.

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Jordan thinks the shark more likely just "lost its cool and just snapped on me" when he accidentally kicked it, rather than setting out to launch an attack.

He went on to describe how he felt like he was "going to pass out" from the blood loss and battling against a strong tide on his way back to shore.

With his friends confused about what he was trying to signal, the injured teen was desperate to reach land as quickly as possible but was wary of "wasting my energy".

Luckily nature intervened and a large wave suddenly carried him and his board back to the beach, before paramedics arrived 45 minutes later.

A trip to A&E followed and doctors told Jordan to stay away from the water while he heals – and the surf mad teen has not been put off going back into the sea.

He said it may take some time to get comfortable being in the water and he may experience "a little bit of PTSD" but added there is a shark 50 feet away from anyone who steps into the ocean.

"They are just as scared of you as you are of them," he said.

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