Shameless Lucy Letby fundraisers bid to clear killer after ‘greatest injustice’

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    A fundraiser has been launched to appeal Lucy Letby's conviction for murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six others.

    Letby, 33, is the most prolific child serial killer in modern British history and became just the fourth woman ever to be handed a whole life order in the UK.

    The former neonatal nurse, who attacked newborns at the Countess of Chester Hospital, has the right to appeal the sentence.

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    Now, The Telegraph reports a campaign has been launched seeking to do just that, with those involved claiming her conviction "may represent the greatest miscarriage of justice the UK has ever witnessed".

    Sarrita Adams, a scientific consultant for biotech start-ups in California, is leading the charge to "aid" an appeal. The campaigners don't believe Letby was given a fair trial.

    "Through fundraising, researching, and legal assistance, we aim to ensure that Lucy Letby can have a fair trial where scientific evidence is reliable," the website for the project, called Science on Trial, states.

    "We are currently working to form a group of scientists, lawyers, and activists to aid in the upcoming appeal for Lucy Letby.

    "We believe that Lucy's defence was not adequate, that there is more to this case which was not heard in court, which deserved to be heard, and that everyone deserves a fair trial. That is why we have come together to fight for the science to be brought to trial."

    Donations to the website are not currently open but there is a button saying "coming soon".

    Ms Adams describes herself as "a scientist with rare expertise in rare paediatric diseases". According to LinkedIn she has a PhD in biochemistry from Cambridge University.

    She is understood to run a consultancy called Railroad Children, which works with under-18s with rare diseases to find novel treatments.

    In her lengthy statement she criticised some of the medical evidence used at Letby's trial, including how the prosecution presented the high insulin levels detected in two babies to argue the babies were deliberately injected.

    However, Letby's team did not contest the fact the babies were injected with insulin, instead denying it was she who did it.

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