SEE IT: Man in suit piggy-backs woman to escape flooded New Jersey train station

He really rode out the storm.

A bizarre viral video shows a man in a suit being piggy-backed by a woman through water gushing into the Short Hills, New Jersey train station during Wednesday night’s downpour.

Video producer Ashley Maas told The Post she was walking through the station when she saw the man at the bottom of some steps, seemingly frozen in place by the cascading water and rising tide in front of him.

In Maas’ Twitter video of what happened next, an unidentified woman then pops out of the tunnel and the man jumps on her back — getting a water-rescue piggyback ride.

“The man in this video ran off the train with me,” said Maas, who commutes into Manhattan from Jersey.

“I took out my phone to get a video of the water pouring down the steps. I didn’t know the woman was there until the moment in this video happened.”

“That was probably the best part of it all, this random lady coming out of the tunnel and transporting him away,” she added

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