Schumer calls on FCC to review New York’s ‘horrible’ internet speeds

​Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday called on​ the Federal Communications Commission to ​review ​whether internet providers are providing the broadband speed they’re advertising and not ripping off their customers.

“When there’s slow internet, it drives you crazy​.​ ​Y​ou just sit and wait and wait and wait. It’s horrible. Well, there’s a new report out that says our internet here in New York may​ ​be moving more like molasses than like lightning,” Schumer said during a news conference in his Manhattan office.

​The New York Democrat compared data in a recent report from Microsoft called “Connecting America” and statistics compiled by the FCC ​based on self-reporting from internet providers.

“The FCC has said internet speeds ​are up to standards in its report. But Microsoft did its own report and it shows that over four and a half million New Yorkers and Long Islanders are not getting the speed on the internet that the carriers say they’re getting​,” Schumer said, adding “that’s a real problem.”

According to the FCC, the minimum download speed is 25 mega bits per second but Schumer says that most ​consumers in New York and Long Island are not ​getting service anywhere near that speed.

“It’s like paying for the speed of a car but getting the speed of a bicycle,” the ​s​enator said.

Schumer noted that slow internet speeds are not only annoying, ​they hinder productivity.

“It hurts our businesses. It hurts individuals​ ​… you should be getting the lightning​-​fast internet that they have promised,” Schumer said.

​Schumer said the providers are just trying to save a buck.

​”T​he FCC is falling down on the job. I don’t think it’s nefarious but the providers, to upgrade to the required speed​,​ would have to pay for more equipment. They should. We’re all paying big bills for that.”

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