Schoolboy, 14, terrified to leave house after teens film themselves kicking and punching him in 'happy slap' attack

Callum Patterson, 14, was set upon by a hooded man in the middle of the street in what his mum says has been a campaign of abuse.

The horrific video shows Callum being attacked while he was walking along the road.

He was left crying in the middle of the street as the group yells obscenities at him.

Mum Wendy Jones, 57, said: "The initial random attack was shocking, it broke my heart when I saw it, they think they are clever doing things like that.

"I have been getting more and more angry since then, I took it to the police who said they had a word with [the attacker, but] he cried and said that he didn’t know why he did it.

"But I believed it was just crocodile tears, there were four of them in the car, they filmed him being battered."

The Sun Online last year launched the Block the Bullying campaign and decided not to show videos of children attacking children, but has agreed to show this with the parents' consent to highlight the ordeal Callum faced.

Ms Jones said she was left in tears after she saw her son battered.

She added: "People I have shown it too were speechless, they know my son and all they can say is ‘the horrible b******'."

The distressed mum has even taken her son out of school as she didn’t think they could guarantee his safety.


Callum has been targeted with online threats as part of the abuse, she said.

Ms Jones said she wanted to move away from the area, saying her son was too scared to leave the home without his dad.

She said: "Callum has said they told him to move out of town otherwise he’s going to get stamped.

"Then he gets all of these anonymous phone calls keep ringing him. There are loads and loads of them after him."

Detective Sergeant Andy Day of GMP’s Oldham CID, said they had received a number of reports a teen was being harassed, sparking an investigation.

He said: "We subsequently identified four boys – who were also aged 14 – and spoke to them in connection with the investigation.

"This approach was the most appropriate way to respond in line with the force’s priority to deal with those incidents that pose the highest threat, harm and risk, and, we spoke with the 14-year-old boy to explain why we were taking this approach, of which he was fully understanding and supportive.

"Although our support to those who become a victim of crime is available up until the conclusion of the investigation, if anyone should feel they require further support, there are a number of agencies that we are able to put them in touch with, should that need for support change.”

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