Russia’s terrifying new laser weapon can ‘blind satellites’ using radiation

The Russian military has successfully tested a terrifying new laser weapon which can 'blind satellites' using radiation, according to the country's deputy prime minister.

Yury Borisov claimed that the Peresvet weapon system destroyed a drone from 3miles (5km) away during the test on Tuesday (May 17).

He said that it can disable satellites which are up to 932miles (1,500km) high, adding that the system is already being deployed.

It has been named Peresvet after Russian Orthodox monk Alexander Peresvet, who died in single combat at the start of the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380.

Borisov, who Vladimir Putin has put in charge of Russian military development, said today (May 18): "It is already being mass-supplied to the troops.

"It can blind all satellite reconnaissance systems of a likely enemy in orbits of up to 1,500 km, disabling them during flight due to the use of laser radiation.

"But that, let's say, is of today, or even in some ways of yesterday: our physicists have now created, and practically mass-produced, laser systems which are more powerful by an order of magnitude that can inflict thermal destruction on various apparatus.

"Today, so called weapons systems based on new physical principles are on the way.

"This is primarily a laser weapon, an electromagnetic wideband weapon that will replace [conventional weapons] in the next decade – this is not some sort of exotic idea; it is the reality."

If what Borisov says is accurate, the Peresvet could prove troublesome for Ukraine amid the ongoing invasion given that Ukrainian forces use drones to target Russian artillery positions.

There are also fears that it could target the American satellites used to monitor the status of Russia's intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Back in 2018, Putin showcased new weapons he'd added to that nuclear arsenal including a new ICBM, underwater nuclear drones and a small warhead which can be attached to cruise missiles.

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