Russian TV host’s insane threat to nuke UK into ‘depths of sea’ and trigger WW3

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Russian TV continues to make insane threats of nuclear annihilation of the West as Russia's atrocities on Ukraine shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

This month saw the high-profile presenter Dmitrii Kiselyov threaten Britain with devastating nukes, bragging that Russia could launch a Poseidon nuclear torpedo on the UK.

The presenter, who has been dubbed "Putin's mouthpiece", said that it would unleash a tsunami which would "plunge the British Isles into the depths of the sea".

It was added that such an attack would also turn the UK into a "radioactive desert".

The terrifying threats come after pro-Putin filmmaker Karen Shakhnazaro threatened the opponents of the Russian war in Ukraine with cruel punishments such as "concentration camps and sterilisation" in a broadcast on tinpot Russian state TV.

He added any "opponents to the letter Z" (a symbol of Russia's invasion) will face "no mercy".

Shakhnazaro made the chilling threat on state-owned television channel Russia 1 and said that anyone who plans to aid Ukraine from the West will be tortured.

"The opponents of the letter Z must understand that if they are counting on mercy, no, there will be no mercy for them," he declared.

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"It's all become very serious. In this case, it means concentration camps, re-education and sterilisation."

Shakhnazarov later alleged that his remarks has been taken out of context but failed to give further explanation.

And in another terrifying threat, a top Russian politician has bragged about Vladimir Putin's ability to wipe out the UK in just 200 seconds with SATAN nuclear missiles.

Aleksey Zhuravlyov, 59, boasted about the terrifying threat which he claims would eradicate Finland, which is poised to join NATO, within 10 seconds.

The deputy chairman of the parliament’s defence committee made the wild remarks in response to the Western unity against Russia.

It comes as senior officials appear to be concerned at Putin's lack of military progress in Ukraine.

Asked whether Russia would now rebase nuclear weapons onto its border with Finland, Zhuravlyov said: “What for? We don't need to.

“We can hit with a Sarmat [known in the West as Satan-2] from Siberia, and even reach the UK.

“And if we strike from Kaliningrad, the hypersonic's reaching time is 200 seconds – so go ahead, guys."

He said Russia would massively strengthen its military forces on its western flank and said the US would do "everything possible to make World War III happen".

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