Russian racer flies through air and somersaults then walks away unhurt

Terrifying footage shows racing car fly through the air and somersault TWICE – but Russian driver climbs out unhurt

  • Matevos Isaakyan, 20, crashed at Belgium’s famous Spa Francorchamps circuit
  • He flew through air at Eau Rouge – one of F1’s most thrilling and deadly corners
  • The Moscow-born racer miraculously walked away from the wreckage unhurt

Terrifying footage shows a racing car fly off the tracks and somersault twice during an endurance contest – but its Russian driver climbs out of the car unhurt.

Matevos Isaakyan, 20, shot off the track at the famous Spa Francorchamps circuit in the fifth hour of the Six Hours of Spa race in Belgium.

He smashed into the barriers as he attempted to maneuver around Eau Rouge – one of F1’s most thrilling and deadly corners.

The Moscow-born racer’s car can be seen rounding the corner before taking flight, its front wheels suddenly shooting into the air.

The vehicle then flies metres into the air and can be seen spinning before crash-landing on the other side of the safety barrier, throwing up smoke as it impacts.

Astonishingly, Isaakyan reportedly got out of the battered car without assistance after the horror smash and was not badly injured.

It is not clear what caused Isaakyan’s car to suddenly take flight and an investigation is reportedly underway.

Terrifying footage shows the car’s front wheels suddenly fly off the track in the final hour of the Six Hours of Spa endurance race in Belgium

Within seconds the car soars metres into the air and flips over twice

This was the second major incident at Eau Rouge in the space of a few days.

On Friday racer Pietro Fittipaldi broke both legs after losing control at the corner and crashing into the barrier during a Six Hours of Spa qualifying session.

The vehicle ends up on the other side of the safety barrier, sending a plume of smoke into the air

Matevos Isaakyan, 20, who astonishingly escaped serious injury after the horror smash

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