Russia ‘boiling us like a frog’ with cyber attacks warns ex-Special Forces chief

Russia is "boiling us like a frog" and "killing our way of life", the former head of British Special Forces says.

The Kremlin is playing the long game to wear the West out without triggering direct conflict, retired Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb said.

Sir Graeme, nicknamed Lambo after Sylvester Stallone's Rambo, told The Grey Zone podcast: "You don’t drop it into boiling water because it will jump straight out again.

"You put it in cold water and you slowly bring the water up to boil.

"In doing so, by the time the frog realises it’s getting too hot, it’s lost the energy to be able to jump out. We’re being boiled like a frog [and] they are killing our way of life."

The master of unconventional warfare warned the West is in a "very dangerous place in between" peace and war with Russia.

He said premier Vladimir Putin and his cronies preferred using cyberattacks, disinformation, financial corruption and organised crime over direct military conflict with their foes.

Other guests on the podcast include Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, and General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Telegraph reports.

The Defence Secretary said it was now a daily occurrence for adversaries to target the UK with cyberattacks, disinformation, financial corruption and organised crime.

General Carter said the biggest risk in the re-emergence of this style of warfare was a miscalculation.

"It’s those moments of miscalculation which often precipitate what ends up being an uncontrollable state of war," he said.

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