Reveller wears plastic cones on her legs and falls flat on her face

It seemed like a good idea at the time! Reveller struts her stuff wearing two huge plastic cones on her legs – and falls flat on her face

  • A woman was filmed sporting a ‘wet floor cone’ on each leg at a train station
  • She was helped by a friend holding her arm as well as shouts of encouragement
  • However moments later she tumbled to the ground after losing her balance 

This is the regrettable moment a reveller falls face-first onto a train platform wearing, ironically, a hazard cone on each leg.

The moment was taken in good spirits as the group of friends laugh it off when the woman loses balance after attempting to walk along the platform. 

While taking several steps she is encouraged by her group of party-going friends to keep walking along the concrete.

This reveller decided to put a cone on each of her legs before strutting about the train platform

But despite being held up by a concerned friend the woman is unable to stay upright and inevitably plummets to the ground.

Putting out her hands to break the fall the woman lands on the floor with her ‘wet floor sign’ cones still attached to her legs.

Perhaps a signal that the floor was slippy – the group of revellers seemed to be having too good a time to notice.  

However despite being held up by a friend she lost her balance and tumbled to the floor

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