Queen ‘chose to die in Scotland in last diplomatic gambit’ monarch’s pal claims

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Queen Elizabeth II chose to die in Balmoral in a bid to "save the union", a friend close to Her Majesty claims – although others think her decision to spend her final moments there was for more personal reasons.

The late Queen, who died on September 8 of this year, famously dedicated her life to the service of her country at the age of just 21, so it seems fitting that even as she drew her last breaths she would be eager to do what she saw was her duty.

And following reports by David Cameron that Her Majesty "purred down the line" upon hearing that Scotland voted to remain in the UK in the 2014 referendum, and as calls for a second vote continue to garner media attention, one friend of the Queen told the Daily Beast her decision to die in Balmoral was strategic.

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"She was frail and there was an argument that she should be back in Windsor where it is significantly easier to get hospital treatment," the anonymous pal said.

"Of course she had access to medics at Balmoral, but nothing like at Windsor.

"Balmoral is very isolated, but that is where she wanted to be, precisely because she thought the end might be near.

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"She planned to die in Scotland to save the union."

However the outlandish claims are not backed by everyone and other sources claim the monarch did choose to spend her final moments in Balmoral, but for more personal reasons.

Former Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond, who faced a swathe of sexual assault charges following his premiership but was ultimately acquitted, was well acquainted with the late monarch and has no doubt that her choice to remain at Balmoral as her death drew closer was deliberate.

However, he does not believe that the choice was political.

He told The Daily Beast: “You cannot choose the time of your passing but you can choose the place.

"I believe that the Queen effectively chose to die at Balmoral not as some sort of political statement, but for the very human reason that this was the place where she was most comfortable and happy.

"In turn the great majority of the people of Scotland held Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, in the highest regard, as indeed did I.

“She would have personally scrutinized every iota of ‘Operation Unicorn’ which governed her passing in Scotland including the provision that her coffin would be draped with the Scottish Royal Standard, a fact that completely bemused the BBC commentary team who failed to even recognize it.”

Similarly, royal author Christopher Andersen predicted that the Queen would spend her final days in Balmoral simply because it was the place she loved.

I predicted years ago that once Philip died the queen would relocate to Balmoral and end her days there.

"I think it has less to do with keeping the United Kingdom whole and more to do with her deep love for Balmoral and the memories it holds for her, as well as her abiding love for Scotland. She was at her core a country girl, after all.

“But do I think she’d be pleased that the union was strengthened by her dying there? Absolutely.”

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