QAnon-obsessed dad who murdered his two kids radicalized by David Icke

QAnon-obsessed dad who murdered his two children with a spear gun in Mexico because he thought they had ‘serpent DNA’ told cops he was radicalized by British conspiracy theorist David Icke

  • Matthew Coleman killed his two-year-old son Kaleo and 10-month-old daughter Roxy in Mexico in August 2021 
  • He believed they were shapeshifters with serpent DNA and had to be killed
  • He shot them through the heart with a spear gun then dumped their bodies in a ditch before fleeing for the border
  • Once in custody, he told the FBI he had been convinced of shapeshifters by ‘that British guy with white hair’ 
  • The FBI agent said he believed he was talking about David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist  

The QAnon-obsessed father who murdered his two kids with a spear gun in Mexico last year told police that he had been radicalized by British conspiracy theorist David Icke, and was possessed into thinking there are ‘lizard people’ on earth. 

Matthew Coleman killed his two-year-old son Kaleo and ten-month-old daughter Roxy by shooting them in the heart with a spear gun after driving to Rosalito, Mexico, from their home in Santa Barbara, California. 

Coleman dumped the children’s bodies on the side of the road and was later arrested trying to return to America in the family’s Mercedes Sprinter Van.

He has confessed to the killings, saying he believed in shapeshifters and that his children had inherited reptile DNA from their mother that he believed had to be rendered extinct.  

New court documents have revealed that he told police in the immediate aftermath of his arrest that he had been radicalized by the British conspiracy theorist David Icke. 

Matthew Coleman killed his two-year-old son Kaleo and ten-month-old daughter Roxy by shooting them in the heart with a spear after driving to Rosalito, Mexico, from their home in Santa Barbara, California. They are pictured with his wife Abby

A newly-filed FBI search warrant details how Coleman told cops he found out about shapeshifters from David Icke 

Icke’s theories are so extreme that he has been banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

British conspiracy theorist David Icke who believes COVID is a hoax and that people can shapeshift into lizards

After police picked up Coleman at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on August 9, 2021, and confronted him with the fact they had found the children’s bodies, he confessed. 

The next day, as he was being transported to jail, he told FBI agents about how he first learned about ‘lizard people’ from Icke. 

‘He explained that he first learned of “Lizard People” on Twitter and from ‘that British guy with white hair,’ FBI Special Agent Joseph P. Hamer wrote in his search warrant.

In the notes, he went on: ‘I believe, based on my investigation of this case, “that British guy with white hair” refers to David Icke, a British conspiracy theorist with white hair, who has published several books, including “Children of the Matrix” which describes, among other things, “Nefilim,” “interbreeding [] between the reptilians and the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic peoples,” “reptilian DNA,” and “‘royal’ bloodlines[ of] the reptilian Nordic hybrids,” and their relation to the “Illuminati.”‘ 

Coleman previously told the investigators how he believed he and his children were entering the Matrix. 

Surveillance camera footage from a hotel in Mexico shows Coleman with his two-year-old before he killed him and his younger sister

Coleman is shown checking into a hotel in Mexico with his son days before the murders in August 2021

Coleman was working as a surf school instructor in Lovewater Surf School in Santa Barbara 

Social media posts show how Coleman had become obsessed with QAnon  and religion in the months before he killed his kids 

Icke’s conspiracy theories include that COVID-19 is not a real virus and that the pandemic was orchestrated to destabilize the world. 

It remains unclear if Coleman will be deemed fit enough to stand trial 

He thinks supernatural forces are behind it and that it’s an attempt to control the population with technology including 5G.   

He has been banned from entering Australia, accused of the denying the holocaust and labeled anti-Semitic for his offensive suggestions that many of the ‘lizard people’ who he claims run the world in a secret society are Jewish. 

Coleman also became obsessed with QAnon in the weeks and months before he killed his kids. 

Coleman ranted to agents after confessing to the double murder, saying he was ‘either crazy or the only person left on Earth that is a true man.’ 

Explaining why he killed his two kids, Coleman ‘mentioned during the interview that “Q” was actually talking to him’ ahead of the murders, the filing states, referring to the eponymous, anonymous online persona that set off the conspiracy movement in 2017. 

Coleman, who had told investigators he killed the children because they had ‘serpent DNA,’ continued: ‘Anyways, was actually still thinking of burning them in case theres [sic] a chip in them or something. 

‘Going to keep processing through everything and hope to get some answers.’ 

He then offered his wife of four years an eerie sign-off that seemingly forecasted the horrid acts he would commit late in the day, in the last message he would ever send her.

Coleman’s wife Abby had also become obsessed with QAnon but prosecutors do not believe she was aware he planned to kill their kids 

‘Hope all this craziness ends soon. Love you,’ Coleman wrote, according to the warrant, before murdering his children just hours later. 

The document further revealed that after being apprehended by officers upon his return to the US two days later, Coleman told agents that he had started noticing ‘strange coincidences’ five or six days before committing the murders.

According to the warrant, Coleman discussed with investigators ‘QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories as well as Strong’s numbers (an index of every word in the Bible),’ before telling them he had experienced ‘visions and signs revealed that his wife possessed serpent DNA.’ 

Coleman remains in custody. It has not yet been determined whether or not he is fit to stand trial. 

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