Putin’s puppet claims World War Three has begun as Russia will retaliate against NATO

Russian state TV host warns 'World War Three' may be starting

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Russian media has claimed the invasion of Ukraine has now sparked World War Three as Putin will be forced to retaliate against the NATO allies of Ukraine.

Television network Russia One declared the “special operation” in Ukraine had now expanded to become a global conflict.

Host Olga Skabeyeva said: “Perhaps the time has come to admit, possibly, that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has finished in the sense that a genuine war has begun. 

“What’s more, it’s World War Three.”

The Russian propagandist continued: “We’re forced to demilitarise not just Ukraine, but all of NATO.”

Nations who are part of the international alliance have been highly critical of President Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.

NATO has pledged support to Ukraine with many nations, including the UK, promising to provide advanced weaponry for the defensive frontline.

The Kremlin has made clear threats against allies of Ukraine as the Russian foreign ministry said: “Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps.”

International tensions with Russia were further strained as both Sweden and Finland submitted bids to join NATO in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

The European nations broke their historical stance of neutrality as they joined the international alliance against Putin’s aggression.

The President has warned that continued NATO involvement in the war would provoke “lightning fast” military retaliation from Russia.

Vladimir Putin said: “If someone intends to interfere in what is going on from the outside they must know that constitutes an unacceptable strategic threat to Russia.”

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The invasion of Ukraine has now dragged on for over three months, despite initial Russian predictions that the “special operation” would be a short, simple mission to capture control of the neighbouring nation.

Following a failed attempt to besiege the capital of Ukraine, Putin has now turned his attention towards the eastern Donbas region.

The Russian military has captured nearly all of the Luhansk region, although defiant Ukrainian forces continue to defend the key city of Severodonetsk.

President Zelensky has urged NATO countries to continue their support of the defensive front by sending advanced long-range artillery to Ukraine.

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Russian state-controlled television has previously recognised the threat of US howitzers, a piece of long-range ground towed artillery supplied to Ukraine by President Biden.

Mikhail Khodaryonok, a Russian conflict journalist, claimed the American military equipment had become a key target of Putin’s attacking forces.

He said: “Let’s consider, we have every reason to believe this too, that in the very near future all that will remain of these howitzers, will be memories.”

Russian media continues to hail the strength of Putin’s military forces and has continually denounced NATO as an ally of Ukraine.

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