Putin’s new conscripts spotted dozing about drunk and refusing to follow orders

Videos continue to be posted online of Russian conscripts reportedly refusing to obey orders, fighting among themselves and appearing to be drunk.

Such footage is now appearing frequently on social media platforms following Vladimir Putin's decision to mobilise 300,000 reservists for his war in Ukraine.

In apparent shows of defiance, the newly called-up soldiers appear to be refusing to form ranks and, in one video shared by Moscow-based British journalist Danny Armstrong on Twitter, some conscripts appear to be sleeping off the effects of alcohol.

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He posted: "Russian conscripts on the way to fight in Ukraine. A handful of drunken troops lie asleep during a stop off on the way to the front line.

Francis Scarr, from the BBC's Russian state television monitoring service, has also uploaded a video that seemingly shows conscripts in civilian clothing getting off two military transport trucks and telling their commanders to f**k off.

"Some exemplary discipline on show from Putin's newly mobilised troops," Scarr wrote. "Fall into two ranks, into two ranks!" Scarr quoted the uniformed soldier as saying, with one of the conscripted men supposedly replying: "You can f*** off with your two ranks!"

On seeing the video, war correspondent Neil Hauer commented: "Russian mobilisation videos are rapidly becoming one of the best subgenres out there."

An ABC reporter named Patrick Reevel, meanwhile, shared another video with English subtitles in which an officer allegedly accuses his recruits of "screaming like women" and orders them to shut their mouths.

Several appear to react angrily but the officer then adds: "I'm saying you are all now military men. That's it!

"The games are over! You are all military."

He then describes what their training will involve and assures them that their jobs in Russia will be secure while they fight in Ukraine.

Of the drive to add reservists to Russia's hostilities in Ukraine, the US-based Institute for the Study of War has said:. "The Russian mobilisation system is struggling to execute the task Russian president Vladimir Putin set and will likely fail to produce mobilised reserve forces even of the low quality that Putin's plans would have generated unless the Kremlin can rapidly fix fundamental and systemic problems."


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