Putin spotted limping again as fresh health fears raised over Russian despot

Vladimir Putin’s health has been questioned again after images and clips emerged of him limping on a visit to Russian military headquarters.

He was seen walking uneasily through occupied territories with a stiffness to his step, on a visit to chat with the top brass in Ukraine.

A lack of security is noticeable, Metro reports, as he makes small strides.

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The dictator paid a surprise visit to the Oblast of Kherson, which is one of the front-line regions invaded by Russia.

Here he is understood to have received updates from the leaders of the Dnieper army group and airborne forces.

“It is important for me to hear your opinion on how the situation is developing, to listen to you, to exchange information,” he said.

He then whirled off to Luhansk to a national guard base to meet with a top general.

Images of him in the annexed region capture the 70-year-old, dressed in a collard blue coat, stepping off a military helicopter.

The dates of the photographs have not been disclosed by the Kremlin and there is no verification that the claims are genuine.

If they are they would be Putin’s first visit there since claiming they were part of Russia and his second to Russian-occupied-Ukraine in two months.

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As well as this, he has also been claimed to have visited Mariupol on the Sea of Azov although these claims were met by counters regarding a body double.

General SVR, a Russian channel of Telegram, claims Putin used a stunt double for the visit.

The Channel claimed: “A man resembling the president of Russia continues to travel through the occupied territories of Ukraine.

“The recent visits by the doppelgänger to Crimea and Mariupol pleased Putin and his entourage so much that it was decided to continue such events.

“This time, the understudy flew in, just like in a children’s song, like a magician in a blue helicopter, visited the headquarters of the group of troops in the Kherson direction, and even received reports from the generals.

“At the same time, the worst and oldest car was chosen for the movement of the presidential understudy, which, as part of a small column, traveled around the endless fields of the Kherson region.

“It is necessary to convince the Russians that Putin visits the front line under bullets and with personal courage raises the morale of soldiers and disgraced generals before the upcoming counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops.

“The fact that this does not work as intended, no-one tells the president.”

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