Putin pardons murderer who sledgehammered grandmother to death after war service

A sick murderer who used a hammer to batter his gran to death has been let off the hook by Vladimir Putin because he fought in Ukraine.

Dmitry Karyagin, 36, managed to make it through six months of brutal fighting in Russia ’s wartorn neighbour and in return has been granted his freedom.

Karyagin beat his World War Two veteran grandmother Zoya Anastasenko to death with the blunt instrument in 2014 but only served six years of his sentence.

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He carried out the sick crime in the name of £8,200 after he forced her to sell her flat and then took the money.

The twisted killer was given his shot at amnesty when he was recruited from the penal colony he was serving his time in, despite stashing the body of his nan in a garage and then going on the run from law enforcement.

It wasn’t until a year had passed that her remains were found.

He six month stint in Putin’s “special operation” saw him fight for the infamous Wagner Group mercenary army.

He leaves it hailed as a war hero, his conviction scratched from the record.

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According to Agenstvo.News, he is currently recovering from a wound he received while fighting.

The scheme he now benefits from was part of Putin’s mass conscription drive, which initially saw Vlad try to raise an extra 300,000 men to send to the front lines.

The plan was widely slammed with many of the troops being killed, often labelled as cannon fodder.

Now, many convicts taken in the first batch like Karyagin are to be released back into society as their time at the front comes to an end.

This means a large number of criminals, with everything from robbers to murderers, are to be released back into Russian society.

It is reported that 40,000 of Wagner’s 50,000 troops are prisoners given their shot at freedom.

The release of Kargagin and other criminals is understood to have been overseen by close Putin and Wagner boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s chef”.

He allegedly told the newly free fighters: “Don't drink too much, don't use drugs, don't rape women, don't create trouble.

“The police should treat you with respect.”

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