Princess Eugenie reveals how becoming a mother made her eco-conscious

‘Priorities change when you have children’: Eco-conscious Princess Eugenie reveals how becoming a mother to baby August made her want to do more for the environment

  • Princess Eugenie has said she wants her son August to follow in her footsteps 
  • The royal recently joined an initiative to help restore the ocean around the UK
  • She said becoming a mother has ‘positively impacted’ her desire to do more 

An eco-conscious Princess Eugenie has revealed how becoming a mother has made her want to do more to protect the environment as she participated in an initiative to try and reverse environmental damage to the ocean.

She last week took to the sea with the Solent Seascape Project, which is the first such attempt to actively restore the ocean in the UK.

Princess Eugenie, 33, described how being a mother made her want ‘to do more’ for her children and future grandchildren, adding she hopes her son August, two, will one day take up environmentalism too.

She has a track record of being environmentally aware, and has now been an ambassador for the Royal Marine Foundation for the past two years.

The Seascape Project was organised and carried out by the Foundation, which aims to restore at least 30 percent of the Solent’s seascape.

Princess Eugenie (pictured with her son August in 2022) has told how becoming a mother made her want to do more for the environment

She and husband Jack Brooksbank (pictured) had a plastic-free wedding in 2018

Princess Eugenie told HELLO! that Seascape ‘blew her away’ and that she ‘couldn’t wait’ to take part.

She said: ‘It’s amazing to watch these people dedicate their time to the bio-diversity of our seas, and I want to do as much as I can to help, too.’

The royal, who is the daughter of Duke and Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, added that giving birth to August in February 2021 ‘positively impacted’ her resolve to do more.

She told the magazine: ‘Priorities change when you have children; you want to do everything you can for them – and for your grandchildren. 

‘August is only two but I hope that what I’m doing will seep through to him and that one day he takes it on, too.’ 

Princess Eugenie is an avid campaigner on environmental issues and even had a plastic-free wedding to her husband Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

During last week’s trip she helped scientists clean hundreds of oysters before they returned them to the sea.

In June 2021 the royal shared a touching message on social media to mark World Environment Day.

The princess released a mini series last year discussing ocean conservation (pictured visiting a regenerative ocean farm in Wales)

The Princess wrote: ‘Environment Day 2021!! Thank you world for giving us such a beautiful place to live.

⁣’To mark this day I wanted to share some photos over the years (and more recent ones ) that remind me how amazing our environment is and how we must always protect it.’ 

And in 2022 she appeared in a video with friend and singer Ellie Goulding as she ran a mini-series of interviews named Ocean Advocate. 

Princess Eugenie also avoids using any single-use plastics at home and has already begun educating August about climate change.

She previously said: ‘My son’s going to be an activist from two years old, which is in a couple of days. Everything is for them, right? Every decision we now make has to be about how August is going to be able to live his life.’ 

The royal couple are expecting their second child this summer. 

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