Prince William is ‘more famous in America’ than Meghan Markle, poll shows

Prince William is more famous than Meghan Markle in America, according to new polling.

The survey also revealed that Prince Harry is more famous stateside than his American wife, who rose to fame there after starring as Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits.

YouGov's polling of US adults between April and June this year revealed 95% were familiar with both William and Harry.

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Regarding Meghan – who was born in California – only 85% said they knew who she was.

Meghan did claim one small victory in the polling, with Kate Middleton coming in slightly behind her with 84%.

YouGov also polled how popular each of the four were, with the results spelling more bad news for Meghan. She came in as the least popular – 40% of American adults said they felt positively towards her and 23% negatively (giving her a net approval rating of just +17).

Despite being the least well-known, Kate was the most popular. Some 46% said they liked her and just 11% disliked her, giving her a net rating of +35.

Harry scored a net rating of +24, with 48% feeling positively about him and 24% negatively. William scored +22 (43% positive and 21% negative).

Meghan might need to work on her scores if she is to launch a political career in the US, as has been suggested by an expert on all things Hollywood.

TV journalist Ross King appeared on Loose Women last week and said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are "certainly not as popular as they were" in the US.

Panellist Jane Moore then asked him: "Do you think she could be president? Run for president one day?"

He replied: "I think she does see bigger things for herself, so that wouldn't surprise me if she ran in some way… governor, or something like that."

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