Prince Harry says therapy helped him ‘break free’ from his family

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    Prince Harry therapy helped him to "break free" from his family and "live" – but said he didn't "make friends" in the process.

    The Duke of Sussex announced the "intimate" livestream with physician and author Dr Gabor Maté earlier this week to promote his memoir, Spare, released in January of this year.

    The event, hosted by publisher Penguin Random House, was set to be an "intimate conversation as they discuss living with loss and the importance of personal healing."

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    Harry said he felt "a great weight off my shoulders" after leaving the Royal Family.

    "A lot of families are complicated, a lot of families are dysfunctional – but for me when I was doing therapy regularly, I felt that I learned a new language," he told Dr Maté.

    "This is working for me and I'm starting to go back to the point of trauma and unpack everything so I can be truly happy… but at the same time I'm feeling more and more distant from my loved ones and my family."

    Harry said his therapist responded: "This is what happens for a lot of people."

    Dr Maté then chimed in: "Ideally you shouldn't have to face that choice but a lot of people have to make a decision – am I going to be myself or am I going to please others."

    Tickets for the one-hour event were priced from £19.12 ($33.09) including a hardcover copy of Spare, with Harry also answering questions submitted in advance by attendees.

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    Harry and Dr Maté also discussed the Prince's childhood and fraught teenage and young adult years, which he discussed in his bombshell autobiography amid a flurry of controversy.

    Spare saw the prince dish the dirt on his relatives, accusing them of intentionally leaking stories about other members of the royal household to the press.

    He even alleged his brother, Prince William, had been physically violent towards him.

    And it is understood the release of the book has had a devastating impact on the rest of the family, in particular King Charles.

    Appearing as a guest on last week’s episode of the Pod Save The King podcast, Charles royal biographer and author Gill Knappett said: "All I can say is, he’s been hit hard, beyond hard, in fact – as any father would be.

    "I just think it's a very sad private family matter that has become so public, and I'm really not sure what it was supposed to achieve."

    Harry's interviewer, Hungarian-Canadian physician Dr Maté, is the author of The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture.

    A controversial figure in the States, in the past he has also worked as an ayahuasca healer, using the illegal drug to help people unpack deep-rooted trauma.

    However, authorities in Canada soon learned about Dr Maté's work with the psychedelic and threatened to escalate the issue if he didn't stop his work with the drug.

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