Prince Harry mocked by royal fans for going barefoot again in Christmas snap

Royal fans have mocked Prince Harry for going barefoot once again in the Sussexes family Christmas card.

The Duke of Sussex posed with a beaming smile beside his wife, Meghan Markle with their children Lilibet and her big brother Archie also sporting big smiles for a lovely family portrait.

The 'Happy Holidays' snap is the first appearance of their daughter since she was born on June 4 this year, but some royal fans appeared more distracted by Harry's soles.

While the Duchess of Sussex is seen wearing nude coloured shoes, Prince Harry and the children were seen barefoot for the occasion.

One fan said: "The children are adorable, I didn’t want to see Harry’s feet."

Another tweeted: "Enough of Prince Harry’s boney feet already"

A third said: "Harry obviously thinks his feet are attractive–we see them over and over again."

A fourth added: "Prince Harry with ripped jeans in the Christmas photo card seems so disrespectful to him. The dirty bare feet in an earlier photo are similarly. Super casual or stripped of his dignity?"

But this isn't the first time we have seen the Harry baring his toes.

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He also posed barefoot in maternity photos during his wife's pregnancy with Lilibet at the start of 2021, and he was slammed at the time for having "dirty feet."

Some social media users called for him to "buy some shoes and put them away."

One said: "Congratulations Harry and Meghan.. but seriously is there any need for Harry's bare feet."

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Another wrote: "Some needs to buy Harry shoes. Ewwww, feet."

One more added: "OK OK I'll be the one to say it. If I never see Prince Harry's bare feet again it'll be too soon."

While a fourth said: "I wonder why we have to look at his dirty feet."

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