Praise for Hel the husky who found abandoned baby in Birmingham park

Praise for Hel the hero husky who found abandoned baby in Birmingham park as owner says dog was ‘sent from heaven’ to rescue the newborn infant – while police hunt for mother continues

  • Terry Walsh was walking Hel last Thursday when she found newborn baby boy
  • He said he believes pup was ‘sent from heaven’ to rescue to abandoned infant 
  • Praise has poured in from locals who say the husky should be given a medal 

Praise has today poured in for Hel the hero husky who found a newborn baby boy abandoned in a park in Birmingham. 

Semi-retired royal engineer Terry Walsh, 64, was stunned when his dog miraculously uncovered the hours-old infant wrapped in a blanket at The Mound in Kings Norton at 5.30pm on April 22.

He has since explained he believes Hel was ‘sent from heaven’ to rescue the baby boy, who was dressed in a £1 Matalan T-shirt when he was found.   

Without the help of his husky Mr Walsh may have simply walked by what he thought was a discarded blanket.

Fortunately, he heard the baby crying after Hel ran over, lay beside the rolled-up shawl and began ‘gently nudging’ the baby with his nose. 

Semi-retired royal engineer Terry Walsh (pictured), 64, was left stunned when his female dog, Hel, miraculously uncovered the hours-old infant wrapped in a blanket at The Mound in Kings Norton at 5.30pm on April 22

Britons have since praised the actions of Hel, with some even claiming she ‘deserves a medal’ for her role in saving the abandoned baby boy.

It is understood the infant was hours old when he was found last Thursday.   

The child was rushed to hospital and police are now trying to find the mother as they are ‘extremely concerned’ about her. 

The baby boy is doing ‘really well,’ it was reported today. 

Mr Walsh previously described how he was walking Hel on Thursday when the husky rushed over to a pile of blankets and alerted him to the shocking find.    

‘Suddenly I heard this baby cry. I think it was Hel’s gentle nudging and the heat from my Husky’s body that woke the baby up,’ he said.

The baby boy was wearing an orange striped T-shirt with a picture of a dinosaur on it and the words ‘Dino Dude’

‘A bigger dog or another dog with a different temperament might well have just ripped and tugged at the blanket and the baby could have been treated like a rag doll and then you’ve also got the foxes and the rats and everything in there. 

‘How would they treat a baby?’

He added: ‘I thank the Lord that the baby was alive, that could’ve been a lot worse. The baby could’ve been dead. 

‘I said to my neighbours, Heaven sent Hel to rescue newborn baby boy!’ 

Mr Walsh and his pup have since been praised online by locals.        

Karen Lightfoot said: ‘Well done, thankfully your dog found the baby – what a star. At that time of night it starts to get cold.’

Stuart Thom thinks Hel should be formally recognised, saying: ‘This dog needs a medal.’

Also in awe of Hel was Ann Kelly, who said: ‘It seems heroes have tails, not capes.’

Jean Aldrich said Hel’s owner also deserved recognition, posting: ‘Absolutely amazing dog…. finding baby and alerting his owner… dogs are so intelligent and caring.

‘Well done to both dog and owner you are both to be commended. Do hope baby and mother can be reunited.’

Kerry Mcalinden said: ‘Well done Terry and Hel – you’re both heroes.’

The child was found by a passing dog walker in a park known in Birmingham as The Mound, off Shannons Road in Kings Norton

Heaping praise on Hel was Ian Lomas, who said: ‘Brilliant job by all, team effort led by a beautiful four-legged beauty.’

Another person calling for Hel to get official recognition was Donny Grey who said: ‘That dog deserve the K9 Medal of Honour.’

Michelle Louise Hill said: ‘Look how well behaved this dog is. Credit to Terry – what an amazing dog you have trained and loved.’

It comes as West Midlands Police are today continuing their search for the baby’s mother.

They are unable to reveal the ethnicity of the baby, but they wish to speak to a white woman in her early 20s who was seen by several witnesses around the area at the time.   

Detective Superintendent Annie Miller said the baby was full term and most likely to have been born the day he was found. 

He was dressed in an orange and white stripy ‘Dino Dude’ tee-shirt, grey trousers and was wrapped in a grey and white zig zag pattern blanket.

Det Supt Miller said their priority was finding the mother as she may be in need of urgent medical treatment after giving birth.

Anyone with information is asked to phone police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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