Police slammed for calling paedophiles 'minor-attracted people'

Police Scotland slammed for describing paedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ in major report as critics warn the phrase risks normalising child abuse

  • The term was used in a document assessing its performance during the last year
  • Conservatives warned that many would find the language ‘deeply disturbing’
  • But Police Scotland has stressed the term was quoted from another group 

Police Scotland has been slammed for describing paedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ in a crucial end-of-year report that some warn could ‘soften language’ around child abuse.   

The document, which assessed the force’s performance during the past year, outlined that Police Scotland has been working to support a European project in order to ‘counter the effects of child sexual exploitation’.

In reference to this project, the report read: ‘This project’s main agenda is to develop understanding and approach to avoid the victimisation of children by engaging Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) and provide them with the necessary support, treatment and guidance to help prevent criminal activities.’

Police Scotland has been slammed for describing paedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ in a crucial end-of-year report (file image)

A Scottish Conservative spokesman told MailOnline that many would find language used to neutralise sexual preference for children ‘deeply disturbing and wrong’.

They said: ‘Offences relating to paedophilia are among the most appalling and unforgiveable crimes anyone can commit, and it’s essential that Police Scotland guidance reflects this.

‘Most Scots will find any attempt to soften the language around paedophilia in official guidance to be deeply disturbing and wrong.’   

Outrage also broke out on Twitter with one user posting: ‘Wake up parents! And anyone who cares about child safe guarding! There’s “MAP”-creep going on as I talked about in a recent video! What a disgrace that Police Scotland are calling pedophiles MAP -minor attracted people! How dare you!”

Another added: ‘It is clear that our institutions are taking #bekind too far.’

Despite complaints, a Police Scotland stressed that the force does not use the term ‘minor-attracted people’ in reference to paedophiles.

The force outlined that the reference has been quoted from the proposed agenda of an EU group.

A spokesman said: ‘Police Scotland does not use the term Minor-Attracted Person. The reference in the Assessment of Policing Performance 2021/22 was in relation to our engagement with the Horizon Project EU consortium to tackle Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

‘The term was used in the commissioning documents for the consortium and it is more commonly used on the continent.

‘Police Scotland representatives successfully lobbied in September for the MAP term not to be used by the consortium.’


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