Police probe launched after Arron Banks' Twitter account hacked

Police launch probe as Bad Boy of Brexit Arron Banks’ Twitter account is hacked by cyber criminals and his secret direct messages dumped on the internet

  • Arron Banks complained to police that his personal Twitter account was hacked 
  • Hackers downloaded personal messages after locking him out of the account 
  • Avon and Somerset police confirmed they are investigating the claims 
  • Twitter said they have taken steps to ‘secure the compromised account’  

Police have launched a probe after Arron Banks’ Twitter account was hacked by cyber criminals who allegedly dumped the contents of his private direct messages online. 

The self-confessed Bad Boy of Brexit was locked out of his Twitter account by the hackers who downloaded the contents of his direct message inbox and shared the contents online. 

Banks’ spokesman Andy Wigmore complained today that Twitter took more than 12 hours to respond to the data breach.

Arron Banks, pictured centre, beside his spokesman Andy Wigmore, left, complained that his Twitter account had been hacked and cyber criminals had accessed private messages 

Mr Wigmore complained about the length of time it took to the company to react to the breach

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating a suspected breach of the Computer Misuse Act. 

The hackers used surreptitious means to gain access to the account. 

According to Twitter: ‘We have taken steps to secure the compromised account. We will continue to take firm enforcement action in line with our policy which strictly prohibits the distribution on our service of materials obtained through hacking.’ 

Avon and Somerset police said: ‘We are investigating whether any offences have been committed under the Computer Misuse Act after we received a report that a Twitter account was compromised.’  


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