Piers Morgan delights viewers as he keeps promise to get new TV for couple who wiped out village's internet to watch GMB

A COUPLE who wiped out their village's internet by turning on their old telly to watch GMB have been given a huge new set by Piers Morgan.

The GMB host delighted viewers by keeping his promise to buy the TV for OAPs Alun and Elaine Rees after they appeared on the show last week.

The Sun reported how they wrecked the broadband for 400 villagers in Aberhosan, Powys, Mid Wales when they tuned in at 7am every morning to watch Piers, 55, and Susanna Reid, 49.

Alun and Elaine bought the second-hand £30 Bush set three years ago on Facebook so their grandchildren could watch DVDs.

On this morning's GMB, Alun,  67, and Elaine, 63, had a new telly delivered to their doorstep by Andi Peters.

It came after Piers promised the retired couple a brand-new set when they first appeared on the show.


Andi, 50, told Elaine: "This is it, this is your brand new telly.

"For you, Elaine, it means you can see Piers in ultra HD crystal!"

She replied: "It’s going up on my bedroom wall. It is, yeah."

Andi asked Alun: "How do you feel about having Piers Morgan life sized in your bedroom?"

Alun replied: "I think I’ll manage."

Elaine joked: "'As long as he’s got Susanna".

How do you feel about having Piers Morgan life sized in your bedroom?

Alun and Elaine Rees were hailed as "the funniest couple ever" after speaking to Piers and Susanna last week.

Piers said the retired couple were "possibly my favourite guests ever".

Elaine spent the interview crotcheting and Alun told the GMB hosts he "loved" ridinghis vintage tractor.

Puzzled locals in the Welsh village spent a year-and-a-half complaining to Openreach about the dreadful signal which cut out like clockwork every day. 

Engineers replaced large sections of cable serving the village, but the problem continued.

Further investigations revealed a burst of electrical interference in Aberhosan at 7am each day, which was eventually traced to Alun and Elaine's home.

The engineers then realised the pensioners' ancient TV was emitting a single high-level impulse noise (SHINE) – which causes electrical interference in other devices.

Problems happened at 7am on the dot as the couple turned on the telly in their bedroom to watch Good Morning Britain. 


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