Pics of what serial killer ‘Bible John’ may look like today ‘vital clue’ in hunt

Digitally aged photographs of what the notorious serial killer Bible John may look like today can serve as a vital clue in finding him, a leading crime expert has said.

Bible John was an unidentified serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the murder of three young women between 1968 and 1969 in Scotland.

Colin Thornton aged the original portrait of Bible John that was released by Scotland police while they were hunting for him to show what he may look like now in his 80s, the Daily Record reports.

The killer was never identified and came to be known as "Bible John" as one witness reported that he quoted from the Bible a lot.

Thornton said: "I took the artist’s impression and made it more like a photo and realistic. Surely someone will recognise him. It might help."

A BBC documentary, The Hunt for Bible John, which started last week, has sparked renewed interest in the case.

The series, written and produced by Bafta-winning producer Matt Pinder, explored the deaths of Jemima Macdonald, Patricia Docker and Helen Puttock between 1968 and 1969.

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In the first episode, an up-to-date drawing was produced by police forensic artist Melissa Dring.

The original portrait of a red-haired Bible John was painted by GW Lennox Paterson, of Glasgow School of Art, based on the testimony of Helen’s sister Jean – and was used by police during their hunt for the killer.

But one crucial piece of her testimony was missing – the suspect’s crooked teeth.

Professor David Wilson, who has studied the case extensively, believes the aged photo could lead to the murderer being snared – and thinks it looks like convicted serial killer Peter Tobin.

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He said: "These pictures take the Lennox Paterson painting of the man who shared a taxi with Jeannie and age them accordingly, as well as incorporating the distinctive teeth of the man that Jeannie remembered.

"Whilst this is not definitive proof – and the absence of DNA, in this case, means that we are unlikely to ever have definitive proof – these pictures look to me uncannily like Peter Tobin."

Detective Superintendent Joe Beattie, who led the Bible John investigation, kept a plastic replica of his crooked teeth.

When suspects were brought in for questioning, he would dismiss those whose front teeth were not crossed.

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