Photographer snaps large shark swimming along Pukehina shores

A real estate photographer got more than he bargained for when his drone spotted a “really big” shark near the shores of Pukehina Beach in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Ruan Visser from Boundless Vision was photographing a Pukehina property yesterday about 9am when his drone spotted something big loitering behind the waves.

He flew his drone out further to find a “massive” shark swimming sideways across the shore, his partner and business co-owner Sarieta told the Bay of Plenty Times.

She said he had been in “complete shock” and continued filming the shark on its journey.

“It’s never happened before.”

Her husband had shown a number of people the footage who were all amazed by the size of the shark, she said.

But this shark was not the first to be spotted in local waters as the weather warms up.

Last week Waihi’s Holly Manukonga hooked a baby great white shark while out fishing with her boyfriend Josh Lonergan at Bowentown’s Cave Bay.

“I just did the usual, threw some bait out and we hooked a white,” Lonergan said.

He estimated the shark was 70 to 80kg.”

“She’s allergic to fish so it’s pretty funny – she had never caught a fish before. She was pretty sore after reeling it in.”

After reeling in the baby great white they unhooked it and released it back into the ocean.

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